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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mulling Over Another Kickstarter

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I’m mulling over doing another Kickstarter.

This time I want to pay for the cover for the final book in the Spinsterella Trilogy, The Legendary Mad Matilda. However, when it comes to Kickstarters I’m 1 for 3. The last thing I want to do is have another Kickstarter fail to get funded.

After the loss of the SJS DIRECT Cover Kickstarter last year, I said I wouldn’t do any more Kickstarters. And I’d love to keep my word. But I don’t want to leave readers of the Spinsterella Trilogy hanging. There’s not really a way for me to raise the kind of money needed to pay for the project.

And there’s no way for me to pay for it myself these days with the Google Ad Pocalypse turning YouTube into a financial dead zone. So if I want to release the book this Halloween, it’s either release the book with my own art or try to raise some funds to pay for a cover.

So I’m mulling over putting together another Kickstarter. And what would donors get?

Not Much. Just The Legendary Mad Matilda for in Paperback for a $25 donation or the entire Spinsterella Trilogy in paperback for a $40 donation. If you like Goth fiction it’d probably be up your alley.

I’m still mulling over my plans for The Legendary Mad Matilda. Kickstarter or no, I’d love to release it this Halloween so readers of Spinsterella and Spellbound can complete the Spinsterella trilogy. Unfortunately, all my plans for the SJS DIRECT 2017 catalog have been up in the air due to my long-term unemployment and financial troubles. A quality cover by a professional artist costs about  $250-$300. And until I can find full time work the only way I can pay for covers is with donations.

If you want to help me pay for the cover you can Donate to my Patreon Or donate to my Paypal. If 300 people donate $1 each, (Paypal & Patreon fees eat up some costs) I can get the book to the marketplace for the Holiday season!

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