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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Spinsterella Fan Art

I recently received a piece of digital fanart from a digital artist called rundotexe. And after they saw Bill Walko’s Isis covers he wanted to design his interpretation of Matilda Crowley, the lead character in Spinsterella.

I love this image because it looks just like I imagined Matilda as she came down the stairs to announce that “The Lady has returned to the manor” in Spellbound. It clearly shows every one that you don’t need to have a pale skintone to wear a Goth look and that Black women can be Goth and FABULOUS while being spooky.

There’s a lot I love in this piece, from the slight resemblance to Tia Mowry (one of the inspirations for Matilda), to the nuanced reference to Monster High. Monster High was one of my favorite toy lines (before the reboot) and I drew a lot of inspiration from it for many characters including Matilda. I have to wonder if they read Spinsterella and Spellbound and if they read my blogs and my YouTube Videos, because everything I talked about regarding Mattie is in this image.

Seeing this digital has me thinking a Monster High Spinsterella doll would look AWESOME on store shelves. Let’s make it happen Mattel!

I know I said I’d feature fanart in future eBooks, but I’m seriously considering putting this piece on the refresh cover of Spinsterella. As far as I’m concerned this IS Matilda Crowley!

I’d love to have this artist design the cover for the final book in the Spinsterella Trilogy, The Legendary Mad Matilda. If I can get in touch with this artist and we can work something out, I’d love to see their art grace both covers. The only thing holding up Legendary Mad Matilda is the cover, and if I can get the cover straight, I can get that book out by this Halloween!

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